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I’m Master Sheryl Schaefer 

Personal & Group Facilitator



Helping You Uncover Your Strengths & Achieve Life Balance

Workshops for Your Group or Workplace

Workshops for 12 or more people. Customizable. Health, Balance, Personal Power, Self-Defense, Time Management, Goals & Dreams

Personal Coaching

Schedule time to work on your limiting thoughts and behaviors and breakthrough. Or you can tackle one of the workshop themes in one-on-one coaching with Master Sheryl.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

The only thing holding you back are self-limiting thoughts and behaviors. Master Sheryl can work with you personally or through guided group workshops to dispel those limiting factors, bring your superpowers to the foreground, and dare to lead the life you’ve only imagined.

Do you want to feel confident, powerful & strong?

Do you want to accomplish great things?

Find Balance, Peace and Energy!

Discover your superpowers & tap into them whenever needed!

Self-Defense Seminars

Learn the basics of safety awareness and powerful, simple self-defense techniques. 

Time Management & Goal Achievement Workshops

Discover the hidden time in your schedules and how to use it to achieve your goals and dreams.

Energy Balancing Seminars

Understand your nervous system and learn effective & unique techniques to de-stress & re-energize.

Personal Power Workshops

Unlock your superpowers and use them to create the life you desire.

Workshops & Personal Coaching

Master Sheryl has been holding seminars & workshops for women for the past 10 years. She loves introducing simple, powerful ideas and techniques that bring happiness, excitement and inspiration. To attain success in life, you have to define it for yourself, address what’s holding you back, then implement a plan. There is nothing more exciting than getting started on your dream life! Master Sheryl helps you tackle those things in your life that are holding you back and implement your plan! Self-Defense, Self-Mastery, Achieving Life Balance…. are only some of the the super powers you can uncover in one of her workshops or with one-on-one coaching.

Self-Defense Workshops

Learn basic safety awareness and simple, effective self-defense techniques from this 6th degree black belt Master in Kung Fu. This workshop will help you feel more confident and prepared.

Time Management & Goal Achievement

Do you have goals that you’ve put on a shelf for “One day”? One day when you’re older, richer, have more time,….” This exciting workshop will help you learn where the time is hidden in your schedule and how and why to dust that dream off NOW and get started! Today is “Day One”!

Energy Balance Seminars

Discover the basic workings of your nervous system and the symptoms of imbalance. Then learn powerful, unique techniques to restore balance and health and re-energize your life. It’s not too late to turn around years of stress or just a bad moment and feel peaceful and energized.

Uncover your super powers & tap into them whenever needed.

You’ve got plenty of them already, you just need to recall them in the most effective way possible and tap into your superpower playlist whenever you feel powerless. This fun workshop will change any bad day to a great day from then on.

About Me

Master Sheryl Schaefer, 6th degree Black Belt Kung Fu, B.S and Masters Degrees in Biology
When I first started my kung fu training in 1987, I was one of very few women in the class. When I became a black belt (at that point, the only woman in my class), I made it my mission to create an atmosphere that welcomed and empowered other women. I held extra sparring classes, women’s demonstrations at our tournaments, and as of the last 6 years, workshops and retreats to tackle common challenges. I’m happy to say that our school of 400+ students has equal numbers of men and women in it. I am a 6th degree black belt now and there are many high ranking black belt women in our system as well.

As a wife and mother, I also utilize these skills to nurture and build relationship with my spouse and children and can help you do the same. I’m happy to host a workshop for your group, office or help you achieve these same skills through one-on-one coaching.




“Master Sheryl combines detail, demonstration, and humor to deliver a teaching style that makes students feel comfortable, confident, & motivated. She genuinely cares about her students whether they are 5th degree black belts or white belts showing up for their first class.”


“Recently, I attended a one of her Women’s Seminars. Having attended Corporate retreats and training seminars for decades, I have a fairly high standard for quality.  Sheryl exceeded my expectations in every regard.”


Master Sheryl immediately set me at ease. Her teaching style is one of clarity and supportive kindness, with an abundance of patience. She is able to simplify the material as appropriate, in order to teach it to students of any level and any age.


Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Contact Master Sheryl today to schedule your workshop for 12 or more people, or one-on-one coaching. You can also schedule a private lesson intro package if you are interested in beginning training in kung fu or tai chi. Immersing yourself in personal empowerment and growth will transform your life quickly and profoundly. The excitement of taking charge of your goals and attaining what you thought was out of reach is incredible!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!

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